Pre-production formally begins once a project has been greenlit at this stage,
finalizing preparations for production go into effect. During pre-production,
the script is broken down into individual scenes storyboards and all the locations,
props, cast members, costumes, special effects and visual effects are identified.
An extremely detailed schedule is produced and arrangements are made for the
necessary elements to be available to the filmmakers at the appropriate times.
Sets are constructed, the crew is hired, financial arrangements are put in place
and a start date for the beginning of principal photography is set. At Digital Ink
Media Solutions we make the entire process easy and pain free.


Production is basically the entire process of creating a video. Whether it’s a short
film, a full-length movie, business marketing video, television commercial,
music video, or other type of film, the process may vary a little with the specifics,
but the overall process is basically the same. Digital Ink Media Solutions are
specialists in the production process and we ensure the highest quality capture
using only the best in the business.


This includes tasks such as the editing of raw footage to cut scenes, insert
transition effects, working with voice and sound actors, and dubbing, to name a
few of the many tasks. Post-production is the third and final step in film creation.
Digital Ink Media Solutions has top editors, Color graders and Sound engineers
to ensure they bring your ideas to life.


Video Editing or Non-Linear Video Editing is the process of taking video that is
raw, meaning untouched or newly recorded, and taking away clips of that video
that are not necessary to your story or point of the video.


A dynamic visual medium produced from static drawings, models, or objects
posed in a series of incremental movements that are then rapidly sequenced to
give the illusion of lifelike motion. Digital Ink Media Solutions can offer projects as
small as lower thirds in animation all the way to full-length 3D movies, no project
is to big or to small for our animation department.


Audio postproduction is the general term for all stages of production happening
between the actual recording in a studio and the completion of a master
recording. It involves sound design, sound editing, audio mixing, and the addition
of effects. With the combined experience of 50 years and 2 masters’ degrees,
our Audio engineers are the best of the best.


Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and
presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it
as a real environment. Whether it’s computer generated or real life video filmed
with the latest in 3D equipment, and real 3D sound we can deliver no matter what
the demand calls for.